The Sled Den


The Sled Den

One of the Premier Backcountry riding spots on the East Coast.   Located in the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Canada, we are very fortunate to have them use our spindles, putting in more backcountry days in a season than probably anyone else on the East Coast.

Their thoughts after 125 days on the snow last year!

Ryan and I ran these Mountain Side off-set spindles all last season – which is over 125 rides each. I hit a rock which bent an A-arm. I hit a stump which bent another A-arm and Ryan hit a tree…. and broke an A-arm. Because a few of our guests were willing to risk it and go into dicey areas early in the season, we rode low snow conditions and hit obstructions under snow which made the ski snap up really hard. Well, our spindles still look like new and as far as we’re concerned, we think they have a cleaner look than any competitor’s we’ve seen. The quality is there, the service is there and by the way “Support the East Coast”. Ryan & Jack

Our customers



"Mountain side Products has changed the way I ride! The offset spindles are just what I needed to reach that comfort level in the backcountry. This company builds an amazing product, of the highest quality. The customer service is top- notch and they go the extra mile to make sure the customer is taken care of. I've been on the snow for 23 years and I can honestly say I've never dealt with such a great company. I will be a customer for years to come!"



I have to say these offset spindles are probably the best mod you can do to your sled. They make it easier to initiate the side hill with the 1"offset. I have found that I can hold a side hill better, but not only that, I have hit some stumps,rocks and trees and yet these continually hold up. Even if you were to break them during this first year they will send you a new spindle!  They definitely improve the look of my front end. Overall I am very happy with the product and I can easily say this is the best purchase I have made for my sled this winter.


The Sled Den

Jack and Ryan at "THE SLED DEN" are running our offset spindles this year. A great test site for our product. Look for a customer review from them later this season. Also contact them for some of the best riding on the east coast!

We have customer around the world!

Feel free to contact us we can give you a customer in your area, you can ask them yourself about our great product and excellent customer service.